Since the early beginnings of the Syrian IT Market, MEMO-ICT. Established its first step with the complete and utter determination to invest and rise up to customers' standards.

MEMO-ICT undertook further more investments, and extension of their services to include the government sector, calling out specialized teams, collaborating with system vendors, and creating a solid partnerships to supply equipments and services on a larger scale. What on its turn prompted MEMO-ICT to be more veteran and have more world wise about the technical requirements that accompanied with the growth of the world on internal investments, such as stock companies, banks, and insurance companies. 

MEMO-ICT was founded in 1987 to be a pioneer in the ICT field at the time when this market was still in its early stage and indistinct for Syria to drive through yet. MEMO-ICT was the first to introduce solutions with high efficiency to the Syrian market.