Data Communication Networks

Pilot Internet Service Provider:
1996- MEMO-ICT deployed and operated (a one year contract) the FIRST Internet    Service Provider Node in Syria in collaboration with the Syrian Telecom Establishment “STE”, as a pilot project. The objective was to enable the related authorities of testing the Internet Services. This pilot was able to provide access to 500 subscribers. This pilot expanded later to be the first public internet service provider in Syria which still in operation up to this moment.

Syrian Insurance Data Network:
2001- MEMO-ICT signed a contract to supply and install the Syrian Insurance Company owned by the government to build the branches and offices infrastructure and backbone all over the country, developed in more than 50 sites, and connected them to the headquarter via WAN.

Ministry of Education (MOE) Data Backbone:
2002- MEMO-ICT was involved in this strategic project as a subcontractor for the   engineering and the installation of this project. However, the project aims to build Data- Backbone owned by MOE, and to connect on its first stage the MOE departments in all the Syrian cities beside connecting 1000 schools distributed all over the country. MEMO- ICT offered all passive and active equipments.

STE Public Data Network and Internet Infrastructure:
2002- MEMO-ICT had been assigned as the local representative of the main contractor for this project, to provide and participate in all the logistic, engineering, implementation design and installation works of this project. Which is one of the most important telecom projects still operational in Syria. Aims to deploy a full DATA infrastructure to free the current voice infrastructure from the data traffic in general and internet generated traffic in particular. This project consists of 50 POPs, 3 IP Core Switches, 2 NOC's, 1 Billing Center and several other parts. It also consists of the most advanced technologies like MPLS VPN, XDSL and IP routing and switching.

ISP Expansion STE
2003- MEMO-ICT was in charge of restructuring the whole ISP Network services in addition to upgrading hardware in order to expand the subscriber base from 30K to 100K; this project was a major milestone due to fact that the project has been accomplished within considerably short down-time.