Private Mobile Radio (PMR)

- Damascus Fire Brigade Radio Network - 1994: 
MEMO-ICT deployed the first Trunked Radio Network in Syria based on MPT1327 Trunking Protocol. This project aimed to cover Damascus and Rural with this Radio Network, which is in operation up to this moment.

- Civil Defense Radio Network - 1995:
MEMO-ICT deployed this Radio network also using Trunking technology to cover 4 major cities in Syria: Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Lattakia.

- Ministry of Irrigation - 1997:
MEMO-ICT deployed HF Radio network in 20 different locations to provide country-wide radio coverage.

- Syrian Arab Airlines - 1998:
MEMO-ICT was involved in deploying a sophisticated high tech HF main station with global coverage to enable a reliable communication with the fleet anywhere around the globe.

- INA Petroleum Company - 2001:
MEMO-ICT were appointed as the Telecom solution provider to fulfill INA needs in all their sites.