Our Services

We are presenting nowadays the essence of what we learned in the highest level of proficiency and using the most superior technical and management tools in  Information Telecommunication Technology , and High Tech Solutions that simulated us to pick up the following domains:

1- Data Communication Network: 
MEMO-ICT is involved in all major projects in Data Communication Networks (wired and wireless) in  the Syrian Market and specifically country-wide network projects of Government and Private Enterprises, as Turn Key base LAN/WAN. MEMO-ICT gained excellent experience and deep knowledge in handling such projects commercially and technically through its own highly qualified staff and years of experience.

2- Radio Communications:
MEMO-ICT is one of the major suppliers catering within the domestic Market, of PMR in the Syrian Market, through a very long experience to add in; MEMO-ICT is proud to be involved in the first project of Trunking Radio Network in Syria back in the 90’s. Hence MEMO- ICT still involved and as a matter of fact we are currently developing our involvement in the Digital Trunk Radio Network System.

3- Test & Measuring Equipment:
MEMO-ICT inherited very intensive business experience and; furthermore we have been known in the Syrian market as the main supplier of Test and Measuring equipments special applications such as Telecom, Broadcast, EMI and EMC.

4- Broadcasting & Professional Studio Equipment:
MEMO-ICT started to advance in the field since the late 90’s; and soon involved in several projects with the Syrian Broadcasting Authority ORTAS, and some other customers from the public and the private sectors.

5- High Tech Field:
MEMO-ICT had always been a major reference for many customers and business sectors, such as: SECURITY, ENCRYPTION, WIRLESS Special Applications and many other services.

6- Security Systems:
MEMO-ICT has a great knowledge of security products and safe solutions within the modern high technology field, in order to offer you the most reliable and safe security products.

7- CCTV:
MEMO-ICT gained very good experience in analogue and IP CCTV systems and had build very good relations with most reputable vendors in order to provide the best solutions.