Broadcasting & Professional Studio Equipment

- Ministry of Education Studio - 1995:
MEMO-ICT was hired to supply and install the whole studio; fully automated professional studio consisted of VCR's, VTR's, Post Production, Switching and Audio Recording and Mixing suite.

- Syrian TV Authority ORTAS Broadcast Audio Equipments for Aleppo Studio - 1998:
MEMO-ICT were involved in deploying this project, which included the studio interior design and installation of Mixing Equipments, Disk Recording, Playback, Editing and all other audio monitors and Microphone equipment.

- Syria Art Production Intl (SAPI) - 2000:
MEMO-ICT has implemented the whole Post Production Suit, Cameras, DVE, Copying and Audio equipment.

- Al Dounnia TV- 2008:
MEMO- ICT has managed the whole technical supplies of the station Video, Sound, Automation, Control, Earth station and SNG’s.