MEMO team

 Our certified professionals carry out management & technology consulting, and information technology plans and builds up. Our flexible approach to ensure an appropriate and customer oriented service and solution delivery.

MEMO-ICT had created a highly qualified administration and technical team consisting of 30 people including 12 engineers, 10 technicians and 8 administration positions.

The staff is distributed in 3 organizational departments Sales & Marketing, Services & Support and Finance.

MEMO-ICT management is very keen and specific about qualifying the staff generally and the technical staff particularly in order to be able of handling all high profile projects, starting with solution design up to the implementation and operation. Accordingly, MEMO-ICT invested heavily in training and qualifying its staff and getting the required updated tools of knowledge and experience in different ways.

Qualifications and certifications held by MEMO-ICT Technical Staff:
  -SUN, Solaris Administration
  -HP-Compaq Servers (Alpha, Proliant)
  -Digital Transmission Certified (STM, DSL, IP) from ASCOM.
  -Network Cable Structure from R&M. 

Our Technical staff is mainly responsible of studying projects, solution design, implementation, documentation and training our customers through their own experience and through cooperation with several International firms. Our Sales engineers and Technicians are working closely to provide our customers with wide era of integrated solutions using state of the art technologies to cover the needs of our customers. Our Certified engineers are capable of understanding and dealing with the most advanced equipments and technologies; this is caused by the continuous training courses and participation in the international fairs and conferences all over the world.